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Maeghan was born in Alexandria Virginia, USA, in 1978. She is the daughter of Joe G. Kimball and Karen L. Kimball. As a child, she lived between her parents and grandparents, which give her strong connections to her grandparents. At age eight she was diagnosed with the learning disorder dyslexia. Maeghan started creating short stories at age six and writing them at age eight. She graduated from high school at West Potomac High School, from where she excelled at Northern Virginia Community College. Maeghan received a B.A. degree at Christopher Newport University Virginia in English Literature/Writing, and Classical Language, minors in American Studies, Linguistics, Woman and Gender Studies and Childhood Studies from in 2001.


In 2014 Maeghan published Harvey, Burnt, and Ashes. Burnt, and Ashes are the first two books of the SAPP trilogy.  She is currently working on the final book of the SAPP trilogy, Phoenix, and a new series Incident Zero. Maeghan is always looking for new experiences and new things to write about, she can be found at Music Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, conventions, or even just a walk in the woods.

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