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Too much! Too much! It hurts. I screamed at the dream. I knew it was a dream. They all started like this.

I wanted it to stop. The banging. The flashing and pain. They always came with the dreams. I just wanted it to stop.

Nate! Nate! Don't do it, Nate! I knew that voice but at the same time, I didn't.

I spun, trying to locate him. Was he the one causing the light and pain? Where was he? Where was I? Who was Nate?

We're all going to die! And it's her fault! Another voice I didn't know except for in the dream.

Jonah? Don't leave me, Jonah!

It was meant to be this way. He never could have saved us. Forgive me, brother. There are more voices that I don't understand. And there are guns going off. Dozens. Hundreds. I can taste the gunpowder in the air. I need to find something, grab anything that makes sense. I have nothing. I am nothing.

That's not true. I have power. I have the ability to make it all stop. I reached deep down to grab it. Like snakes wiggling in my hands. All it takes is a thought. A thought and I can make it all stop. But the fire is close and getting closer. It was coming, coming to kill me. I had to do it. I had to do something to stop the fire.

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