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Lila Raspreno is the result of a genetic experiment which made her the only telepathic emphatic telekinetic psychokinetic psion. Lila built a safe haven for others with unique abilities, known as the School for the Advancement of Practical Psionics (SAPP). One night she stumbled upon Anderson Olm (Andy), the most powerful cognitive she had ever met. Andy walked into the restaurant, a vision of his impending death, until he saw her (Lila).  



Eight years have passed since Lila and Andy rescued Lila's adopted son Nathaniel Cornelius (Nate) from Banbury's Estate. In the process the couple saved baby Arlo (Ar). Adopted baby Ar is experiencing violent dreams as his powers intensify. Jonah, Nate partner (now 28 years old), is suffering of mental snap (mental breakdown). The Olm's clan welcomes Billy into their home, when Lila noticed Billy needs special attention. Lila's world Burns around her and turns into Ashes.



Harvest Smith (Harvey) has been a lead signer in her band Harvest Moon. She has performed since she was 17 years old and had a hit song by the age of 19. Sine then she turned 30 and is beginning to question her life's accomplishments. As she starts to question, her life begins to spiral out of control. Her manager and ex-fiance Mitch believes she is faking the medical issues that may force the band to split. Her band thinks she is suffering from exhaustion. She doesn't know what is happening, but she knows something is wrong. She is convinced what ever killed her mother in her thirties has come to kill her.   

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